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VST Warehouse - Steinberg - VST Classics Vol. 1 VST Plugins



Steinberg - VST Classics Vol. 1 - PC & Mac OS X

Includes the VB-1 and the Model-E.
Unsupported release!

Developer: Steinberg

VST Classics Vol. 1 Mac OS X [4 MB]
VST Classics Vol. 1 PC [4.5 MB]
VST Classics Vol. 1 PC 64-Bit [4.5 MB]

VST Warehouse - The Roland Fantom - producergrind

The Roland Fantom is one of the things most producers want to buy when they start making beats. They are so expensive though so most people never buy them. Even though they are “old-technology” they still have some dope sounds you can utilize. This is a free pack of all (or a lot) of the sounds on a stock Fantom X6 as well as some patches from other classic Roland keyboards. You might not be thrilled by them at first but with some tweaking, layering, and fx chaining you can make some dope stuff.

Developer: producergrind


VST Warehouse - FerricTDS - Tape Dynamics Simulator - Variety Of Sound

FerricTDS - Tape Dynamics Simulator was the Winner of the KVR Developer Challenge 2009.
Inspired by the smooth dynamic shaping capabilities of some high-end reel-to-reel tape recorders, FerricTDS - Tape Dynamics Simulator simulates three of the most distinctive and much appreciated sonic effects generated by these devices:
  • Dynamics: gently shaping the overall dynamic response.
  • Saturation: adding extra harmonic-related content.
  • Limiting: controlling peak performance.
Functions at a glance:
  • Performs gentle audio dynamic treatments.
  • Masters difficult to handle audio material.
  • Adds extra harmonics and saturation effects.
  • Controls outgoing audio peaks.

Developer: Variety Of Sound