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This plugin created by is designed so that the user may create various ambiental sounds within a flash.

The synth is divided by three oscillators:
  • Bass;
  • Athmosphere one;
  • Athmosphere two;
Each oscillator counts with modulation, amp envelope, modulation envelope, two filters, one using "Q" factor. Athmosphere one and two oscillators are also gifted of pitch envelope and filter envelope regarding cutoff/Resonance and both.. The three oscillators have a Sync LFO with two targets at choice, speed up from 8 bars to 1/16b, 4 waveforms and release sync option that relies on Note/Transport Run/BarStart and Off or Random! This synth also have a Chorus effect and a Stereo Delay effect that can be connected to Athmosphere one and two. The Reverb effect that is provided, opens for both Athmosphere one and two at once. (Bass oscillator does not have these options).


B.Serrano - Selena

Just strings, but not only... Full MIDI learn. 32 voices polyphonic. CPU friendly

Developer: B.Serrano

B.Serrano - Horus MK II


- Waveform choice for Strings and LFO
- Phaser's speed coefficient (a pop-up menu by clicking on "Speed" label
- Mono mode with portamento
- Vibrato by Mod-wheel, Breath or pedal
- Fake LCD display for patch management
- New appearence

Developer: B.Serrano



Unfortunately bacic SoundCloud lets download a song just a
100 times so it's not downloadable anymore, sorry.